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New European publication on the way forward in Ukraine

Russia's aggression against Ukraine in February 2022 shocked the world and brought great devastation and trauma. The war continues in 2023, marked by an unruly Ukraine, which is courageously and energetically fighting for its sovereignty, rule of law and self-determination. Western forces, with the European Union at the forefront, play an important role in military, financial and humanitarian support for Ukraine. In the short term, this support helps Ukraine fight against Russian aggression - in the long term, it aims at international cooperation, peace, and a possible accession of Ukraine to the European Union and NATO. But what are the big long-term issues for Ukraine's democratic and economic reforms on its way to the EU? How can progressive forces in Ukraine and internationally be combined for a social and fair reconstruction in the coming years?

In cooperation with a number of international social democratic foundations including the FMS, the Foundation for European Progressive Studies therefore published the book "Europe and the War in Ukraine, from Russian Aggression to a New Eastern Policy". In it, the above questions are discussed, focusing on key issues surrounding the war of aggression against Ukraine from a social democratic and progressive perspective.

We presented this book to Bas Bijlsma (see above), chairman of the programme committee elections European Parliament 2024 for the PvdA. The discussions and knowledge in this publication can thus certainly come in handy to enrich the progressive debate around Dutch and European relations with Ukraine, also with a view to the 2024 European elections.

Would you also like to receive a copy of this book? You can! The first three applicants who send an e-mail to will be sent a free copy! Please include your address details and why you are interested in this publication!



Read a preview of this publication this page. If you want to read the whole book, buy it this page!

In collaboration with: Karl-Renner-Institut, Kalevi Sorsa-säätiö, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, FEPS, Fondation Jean Jaurès and Fundacja Aleksandra Kwaśniewskiego "Amicus Europae".

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