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Building Change

Since 2014, FMS has been working with Partos and 'Woord & Daad' to emphasise policy coherence for development cooperation in the Netherlands. Together, we advocate for fair Dutch policies that do not have a negative impact on developing countries. Sustainable development "at home and abroad", economically, socially and ecologically. We seek a fair and ambitious implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (the SDGs), led by a positive, encouraging government.


To achieve this, cooperation with many parties, such as companies and financial institutions, is essential. We want to bring all these parties together on three key themes: climate, finance and international trade. This is where breakthroughs are necessary for achieving sustainable development. Our goal? Making ourselves heard in The Hague, in order to realise these breakthroughs. If you want to know more about our work with Building Change, visit its website!

Get involved

You can get involved with the Max van der Stoel Foundation by becoming active, writing for us or donating. Check out this page for more information.