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Our mission and vision

Our mission and vision

The Max van der Stoel Foundation (FMS) is committed to democratisation in the EU's neighbouring countries, fairer Dutch and EU policies towards developing countries, and we encourage public debate on these issues in the Netherlands.

We stand up for the people who are fed up with corruption and self-interest prevailing in their country. The activist who is done with their vote being worth nothing because there are no fair elections. Courageous people who take great personal risks by defying power. Those who fight against inequality in the world. Against the politics of stagnation and exploitation. For solidarity, democracy and human rights.

We strive for a world in which the democratic rights of all people are guaranteed. We stimulate change by giving activists practical tools they can use directly in their struggles. We support changemakers around the world and give them a platform. We also explicitly take our own responsibility for fair politics in the Netherlands, the European Union, Africa and the Middle East. We involve as many different people as possible by sharing knowledge and stimulating dialogue. This is how we make people stronger and politics fairer. That is what the FMS stands for.

Get involved

You can get involved with the Max van der Stoel Foundation by becoming active, writing for us or donating. Check out this page for more information.