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Our trainings focus on the next generation of politicians - specifically young people and women. For instance, we train young politicians in the Balkans, support social democrats in Ukraine and train the new social democratic parties in Jordan and Tunisia. They acquire the skills to become politically active and build democratic political movements. Recurring themes include local politics, European enlargement and LGBTQI+ rights.

In this way, hundreds of trainers and politicians have been trained in the countries in which we operate, fostering a pluralistic political environment. 

Our trainings are conducted by volunteers with experience in social democratic politics. These trainers use two manuals, which are available to everyone. You will can our method this page

How to apply for a project 

If you would like to apply for a project from the FMS, email us the project proposal at The proposal should contain the information below. The deadline for project proposals for the following year is 1 October. Applications sent in after this deadline risk not being considered.

Your project proposal should include the following information:

  1. title of the project;
  2. contact person(s);
  3. brief description of the political situation in your country (especially in the past year);
  4. description of your party/organisation and its position in the political arena;
  5. objectives of the project;
  6. profile of expected participants;
  7. description and number of project activities + approximate timetable of activities;
  8. budget breakdown by activity.


Get involved

You can get involved with the Max van der Stoel Foundation by becoming active, writing for us or donating. Check out this page for more information.