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The FMS regularly organises public events in the Netherlands on developments in countries and regions that concern us. Here, representatives from the field of politics, civil society, science, and business debate recent developments in countries where we are active, European enlargement, or development cooperation policy. We always work together with civil society organisations, the PvdA, and diaspora organisations.

For many years, the FMS has been organising the Africa Day - an event dedicated to cooperation between African and European countries. We also actively contribute to the coalition of civil society organisations on the theme of 'Democracy under Threat'. We also organise political cafés to bring pressing issues in international politics to the attention of a wider audience.

Within the PvdA, the focus on international cooperation and the importance of international solidarity must also be continuously fought for. The FMS does so, for instance, by organising workshops at party congresses or actively contributing to the PvdA's foreign affairs committee.

Get involved

You can get involved with the Max van der Stoel Foundation by becoming active, writing for us or donating. Check out this page for more information.