Yes, I participate and become a donor!

Without the help of our donors, we cannot organise our events, projects and lobbying activities. The activities of the Max van der Stoel Foundation will depend even more than ever on your support, as government subsidies are reduced or even abolished altogether. So donate to bank account NL15 RABO 0394 5461 21 (BIC code: RABONL2U) or fill in the form below!

What your extra gift or structural support will be used for:
  1. Supporting social democrats in countries where social democracy is developing: we get a grant from the Home Office for this, but it was cut by 25% in 2014.
  2. The Building Change project for fair Dutch policies that do not have a negative impact on developing countries: we fund this project ourselves with contributions from our donors.
  3. Africa Day and debates on global issues: we pay for these activities entirely from our own resources, as subsidies for these have been abolished.

"The FMS has ANBI status and so a donation to the FMS is tax deductible in cases. Read here more."