Gabon follows in series of coups in 'Françafrique' - trend or coincidence?

Photo: President Ali Bongo, deposed after 56 years of Bongo rule - Wikimedia Commons On 30 August, Gabon's military leadership announced through a televised address that it had assumed power in the country. Just before that, Ali Bongo was declared president for his third term. "On behalf of the people of Gabon, we have decided to [...]

Iraqi political cartel still standing firm

Photo: Iraqi protester during the October Revolution in 2019 - Wikimedia Commons October 1, 2019, marked the starting point of a series of violent protests in Iraq, the largest the country has seen since the fall of Saddam Hussein. The protests followed dissatisfaction with corruption, unemployment and government ineffectiveness. It led to early [...]

Mei Li Vos: "What an incredibly brave woman Maia Sandu is"

Photo: PVDA On Monday 4 September, Moldovan President Maia Sandu visited the Dutch parliament as part of her state visit to the Netherlands. The visit marks a further rapprochement between the Netherlands and Moldova, after the Netherlands opened an embassy in Chisinau, Moldova's capital, on 19 April. In addition, the visit can be seen [...]

International Day of Democracy: our work remains of undiminished importance

FMS today celebrates International Day for Democracy. We therefore like to highlight what we do to support and promote democracy, both at home and abroad. We champion emerging democracies and (social) democrats in countries where freedom is under pressure. This year's theme for the International [...]

Joint international campaign for justice by Belarusian judges

On Libereco's initiative, 20 human rights organisations from 10 different countries, including FMS, signed a letter sent to 413 Belarusian judges. In the letter, the organisations highlight the involvement of judges in human rights violations and the unjust detention of innocent people in Belarus. The addressed judges have been involved in the political processes [...]

Exciting days in northern Macedonia: will EU accession talks resume?

Photo: Parliament of Northern Macedonia, Wikimedia Commons On 18 August, the parliament of Northern Macedonia began a 10-day debate on a constitutional amendment that would pave the way for EU accession. The required two-thirds majority of MPs has not yet been achieved. Instead, the main opposition party has called for new elections [...]

Concerns over new Jordanian 'cybercrime' law

Photo: The King of Jordan, Wikimedia Commons On 12 August, Jordan's King Abdullah II approved legislation that puts strong controls on what Jordanians can say and do on the internet. This law, previously passed by the Jordanian parliament and senate, will be officially implemented in a few weeks. [...]

Why climate justice is also a social struggle

Photo: Jay Wennington via Unsplash In several countries where the FMS operates, the excesses of climate change and pollution by multinationals are becoming visible - with major consequences for populations. They experience the direct consequences of environmental pollution, such as poor air quality, cleared forests, and water scarcity. This has triggered various forms of protest - often met with violent [...]

The alarming humanitarian situation in Nagorno-Karabakh

Photo: Wikimedia Commons The Nagorno-Karabakh region, which is close to both Armenia and Azerbaijan, has been under severe pressure since the end of the Second Nagorno-Karabakh War in 2020. The region became relevant again in December 2022, when Azerbaijan imposed a blockade on the road from Nagorno-Karabakh to Armenia. Recently, this blockade led to [...]