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Unrest in Serbia after elections and attack on LGBTIQ+ centre

Photo: The Pride centre in Belgrade after an attack in May 2023 - Wikimedia Commons It is unsettled in Belgrade, Serbia. Large-scale protests have been taking place weekly since the 17 December elections. The results are being questioned due to alleged fraud and other disturbances. In addition, the LGBTQ+ community still suffers from exclusion [...]

"Super election year 2024": what is the FMS looking forward to?

Photo: Mohamed Hassan/ PxHere 2024 is also being called the election year by political analysts. People in more than 70 countries will be allowed to cast their votes which amounts to 3.7 billion people, almost half of the total world population. Just because elections are organised does not automatically mean they are democratic. In some elections, the winner is [...]

Stalemate Ukraine highlights undiminished importance of support

Photo: Demonstration in support of Ukraine in February 2022 - Wikimedia Commons Almost two years ago, Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine. With support for Ukraine no longer a foregone conclusion, a good outcome of the war is increasingly uncertain. The fighting lingers on and the risk of another frozen conflict lies [...]

Presidential elections in Taiwan: a continuation of the status quo?

On 13 January, the eyes of the world were on Taiwan. Lai Ching-te, leader of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) since 2023, won the election with a clear lead. The DPP is now delivering the president for the third time in a row. It is the first time in Taiwan's history that a party [...]

The Belarusian revolution did not end in 2020 - it is still ongoing

Photo: Protest rally against Lukashenko, 30 August 2020. Minsk, Belarus (WikiMedia Commons) August 2020. More than three years have passed since the massive protests in Belarus following the dubious presidential election won by Alexander Lukashenka. Tens of thousands questioning the election results took to the streets. These mass protests were then harshly [...]

China's growing influence in Europe's backyard

Photo: Construction of a bridge over the Morača Valley, Montenegro, as part of the Bar-Boljare highway - Wikimedia Commons China has been pushing for some time to become the new global superpower. The Belt and Road Inititave been part of this expansion drive. China is keen to expand its global footprint and [...]

Annual Meeting of the European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity

The Annual Meeting of the European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity took place on 25 November 2023. During the meeting, which was held in Sarajevo, FMS discussed several topics with a large group of Forum members. We started the day with a discussion on training and discussed how to increase synergy [...]

EU mission to Bosnia needs not symbolic gestures, but structural change 

Photo: Main street in Sarajevo - Srebrenica is still a point of polarisation in the country (created by Renée Spees) In early October, the Bosnian Serb parliament voted in favour of a bill on compulsory registration of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) with foreign backers in a special register managed by the Ministry of Justice. The so-called 'foreign-agent law' provides the Republika Srpska [...]

EU enlargement update: where does everyone stand?

Photo: Wikimedia Commons The European Commission on 8 November released the 2023 Enlargement Package - a report on the state of play and progress made by aspiring EU member states towards accession. It lays out the development of reforms to meet EU standards and where priorities lie for now on a country-by-country basis. Negotiations should [...]