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24 February: Together in action for Ukraine

Afgelopen zaterdag, 24 februari, kwamen honderden mensen bij elkaar op de Dam in Amsterdam om hun steun voor Oekraïne uit te spreken, twee jaar na de grootschalige Russische invasie. Net als in andere steden in Nederland kwamen mensen – ondanks de regen – in grote aantallen bijeen om te laten zien dat we Oekraïne steunen […]

Visit Georgia and fact-finding mission

Photo: Georgian flags in the old centre of the capital Tbilisi - Flickr In late October, a seven-member delegation from the European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity (EFDS) visited Georgia. The group included MPs from several European countries and representatives of political foundations. The focus was mainly on foreign [...]

"Super election year 2024": what is the FMS looking forward to?

Photo: Mohamed Hassan/ PxHere 2024 is also being called the election year by political analysts. People in more than 70 countries will be allowed to cast their votes which amounts to 3.7 billion people, almost half of the total world population. Just because elections are organised does not automatically mean they are democratic. In some elections, the winner is [...]

Stalemate Ukraine highlights undiminished importance of support

Photo: Demonstration in support of Ukraine in February 2022 - Wikimedia Commons Almost two years ago, Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine. With support for Ukraine no longer a foregone conclusion, a good outcome of the war is increasingly uncertain. The fighting lingers on and the risk of another frozen conflict lies [...]

The Belarusian revolution did not end in 2020 - it is still ongoing

Photo: Protest rally against Lukashenko, 30 August 2020. Minsk, Belarus (WikiMedia Commons) August 2020. More than three years have passed since the massive protests in Belarus following the dubious presidential election won by Alexander Lukashenka. Tens of thousands questioning the election results took to the streets. These mass protests were then harshly [...]

Frozen Russian assets: where are they and what should be done with them?

  Ever since the first months of the war in Ukraine, many, including Ukrainian authorities, have advocated the use of frozen Russian assets for Ukraine's reconstruction. In practice, however, this wish has been hard to realise, including in the Netherlands. Indeed, freezing Russian assets is anything but smooth, and deploying [...]

'Public speaking and negotiations' training in Armenia

A training for young people on 'public speaking' and 'negotiations' took place on Saturday 21 October in Yeghegnazdor, Armenia. This training is part of a series of five trainings in different Armenian provinces, organised by the SD Platform Armenia with the support of FMS. Engaging a new and [...]

Solidarity with Ukraine remains essential

Photo: Destroyed city centre of Kharkiv, Ukraine, March 2022 - Pavel Dorogoj Today, the Max van der Stoel Foundation, in cooperation with Libereco and PvdA International, is organising a political café on the theme 'Solidarity with Ukraine', for which you can register here. During the event, the situation Ukraine will be discussed in two panels. In [...]

New naval base in Abkhazia next step Russian irredentism

Photo: Postage stamp of Abkhazia from 2008 - Wikimedia Commons You would think Russia would have its hands full with its all-out war in Ukraine that has been going on for more than a year and a half now. However, Ukraine is not currently the only victim of Russian expansionism. Recently, the breakaway region of Abkhazia, internationally recognised as part of [...]

Come too! Political Café: Solidarity with Ukraine

Register here: Just under three hours' flight from the Netherlands, a particularly brutal war - the Russian invasion of Ukraine - is still raging, but after a year and a half of war, support for the Ukrainian struggle is still widely felt in the Netherlands. From several countries in the west, the pressure for support for [...]