Last weekend: a 'Training of Trainers' in Armenia

From 19 to 21 May, a "Training of Trainers" took place in Armenia with our partner SD Platform Armenia. Sixteen participants were trained for three days on various skills, so that they can provide training themselves in the future. "Training of Trainers" A training of trainers (ToT) is an important module in the whole FMS methodology to [...]

Last weekend: training SD Platform Ukraine in Odessa

Last weekend, a three-day training took place in Odessa, Ukraine, organised by the SD Platform Ukraine in cooperation with the FMS. Some 30 young participants took part in several workshops in which skills, theories and knowledge around social democratic politics were shared. Recently, the SD Platform opened a new branch in Odessa, and for [...]

World Press Freedom Day: we reflect on journalists from Belarus

Image created by Libereco - Partnership for Human Rights Today is World Press Freedom Day. Today we stand in solidarity with all journalists, bloggers and bringers of free speech in Belarusian prisons. See some of their faces here, to remind us who we have to fight for every day. Image created by Libereco - Partnership [...]

Struggling despite repression: Belarusian social democrats portrayed in exhibition

Some 1,300 people are detained on political grounds in Belarus, in appalling conditions. Following the fraudulent elections and subsequent mass protests in 2020, repression against the country's democratic opposition has only intensified. The Lukashenka regime is directly following the lead of its eastern neighbour in the Kremlin, complicit in the brutal Russian invasion [...]

Research by FEPS: 'The case of Ukraine's candidacy to the EU'

In cooperation with the FMS, Amicus Europae, FJJ, Karl-Renner-Institut, FES Ukraine, and the Kalevi Sorsa Foundation, the European social democratic think tank Foundation of European Progressive Studies (FEPS) conducted a policy study on Ukraine's EU candidate membership. It concludes that social, progressive policies are crucial for Ukraine's development towards possible EU membership. The EU [...]

"How Putin chipped his teeth": Stories from the front in Ukraine

Of course, life at the front consists of a lot more than successful recaptures and deadly defeats making the news. Some soldiers told me - on the basis of anonymity - their experiences in short stories and anecdotes. These recollections are not glorious or heroic. They are stories about the actual circumstances of men and [...]

One year after the start of the invasion: life of Ukrainians in the Netherlands

Oekraïense vlag bij een kerk in het Gelderse Velp. Bron:

Friday, February 24, marks one year since Russian President Putin announced the invasion of Ukraine. Due to the intense and sustained bombing and fighting, many Ukrainians have had to flee the country. About 90,000 Ukrainians have fled to the Netherlands. FMS interviewed Yana (29) - who lives with her family in Leusden - and [...]

Nikolai Statkevich: 'As a Belarusian, I am used to solitary confinement'

Military analyses from the penal camp Nikolai Statkevich is chairman of the Social Democratic Party 'Narodnaya Gromada' in Belarus. Under Alexander Lukashenko's regime, he had previously spent eight years in various prisons and camps because of his political activities. A few months before the 2020 presidential elections and subsequent mass protests, he was imprisoned in broad daylight [...]

A review of the "Building a Civic Platform" training with the SD Platform Armenia

From 25 to 27 November, the "Building a Civic Platform" training took place in Armenia with our partner SD Platform Armenia. Amidst an impressive mountainous setting, 15 participants were trained for three days on various political topics and skills. SD Platform Armenia The SD Platform has been doing important work for several years [...]