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Last weekend: a 'Training of Trainers' in Armenia

From 19 to 21 May, a "Training of Trainers" took place in Armenia with our partner SD Platform Armenia. Sixteen participants were trained for three days on different skills so that they can provide training themselves in the future.

"Training of Trainers"

A training of trainers (ToT) is an important module in the whole FMS methodology to increase the capacity of partner organisations. By training trainers, they are able to transfer on their own the methods and skills from FMS trainings to new members. This increases the capabilities and clout of political parties and activist movements. The ToT is based on a bottom-up approach and encourages students to actively participate. By training trainers from the respective countries, we make our programmes sustainable.

SD Platform Armenia

The SD Platform has been doing important work for several years to motivate young people across the country to bring about political change from the bottom up, and is visibly making a strong development in engaging young people in social democratic politics. The 16 participants at the training are part of a young generation of political stakeholders, with great motivation to address various social problems in Armenia. The ToT is a next step in their development so that they can also transfer their knowledge and skills to new members of the SD Platform. See more information on the SD Platform Armenia this page.

Geopolitics as an uncertain factor

Space for this in the Armenian political system remains limited, characterised by catch-all parties and a political elite that fails to address the country's diverse issues. However, the country is one of the few countries worldwide that has become increasingly democratic in recent years According to Freedom House. Nevertheless, Armenia's geopolitical situation is worrisome. Since the Nagorno-Karabakh war with Azerbaijan in 2020, there have been serious concerns about the security situation vis-a-vis its eastern neighbour. Armenia is isolated with Russia as its only ally in the region - however, it is proving little reliable, as evidenced by the reaction after Azerbaijani troops invaded Armenian territory last September.

A coherent strategy for Armenia thus requires continued attention at the institutional level. At the "grassroots" level, our work and cooperation with the SD Platform Armenia will continue in order to permanently strengthen social democracy, and pluralistic political participation in Armenia.

The FMS would like to thank SD Platform Armenia for its hospitality, organisation and participation at the training. In addition, the FMS would like to thank Rowdy Boeyink and Elmar Smid for the excellent care of the training.