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'Progressive Leadership & Just Recovery' training with SD Platform Ukraine

Last weekend, from 7 to 9 July, FMS, together with the SD Platform in Ukraine, a three-day training on "Progressive Leadership & Just Recovery" in Kyiv. The SD Platform in Ukraine has been working for years from the bottom up to promote fair, social politics for all - including in times of war. These trainings are an important part of their many initiatives to make this happen.

The social and progressive reconstruction and reconstruction of Ukraine will increasingly become a topic of interest. Civil society and activists are crucial stakeholders in this, so that major projects are also echt benefit and have the mandate of affected citizens. This training was therefore attended by progressive representatives of local authorities in zowel the front line as well as the hinterlands in Ukraine - with the aim of increasing contact between decision-makers and societalPPP actors They discussed the fundamental components for a fair and inclusive reconstruction of Ukraine, and the key role of civil society in this process. 

In addition, the participants had the opportunity to discuss the state of local politics in wartime met each other, learn about the work Dutch local delegates through an online conversation, meet different representatives of the PES committee have to, learn about public speaking, and discuss communication strategies. 

The SD Platform also presented 12 principles of fair reconstruction in Ukraine, which led to broad discussions on the subject regarding Ukrainian regions.

As the final outcome of the training, the participants adopted a final declaration, which is about the process of fair and social reconstruction and about prioritising in it those most affected by the war. 

Thanks to the participants of the training and the SD Platform for organising the event! The importance of bringing social democratic actors together is of very high value and we will continue to pursue this in the coming years.