'Progressive Leadership & Just Recovery' training with SD Platform Ukraine

Last weekend, from 7 to 9 July, FMS, together with the SD Platform in Ukraine, organised a three-day training on "Progressive Leadership & Just Recovery" in Kyiv. The SD Platform in Ukraine has been working for years from the bottom up to promote fair, social politics for all - including in times of war. These trainings are [...]

New European publication on the way forward in Ukraine

Russia's aggression against Ukraine in February 2022 shocked the world and brought great devastation and trauma. The war continues in 2023, characterised by an unruly Ukraine, fighting courageously and energetically for its sovereignty, rule of law and self-determination. Western forces, with the European Union at the forefront, play an important role in [...]

Ukrainian aid organisation Vostok SOS's visit to The Hague

Last week, representatives of Ukrainian aid organisation Vostok SOS were in the Netherlands to draw attention to the important work they are doing in Ukraine. Besides the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, among others, FMS also had the honour of hosting the representatives. In addition, FMS together with the Netherlands Helsinki Committee and Libereco organised [...]

Last weekend: training SD Platform Ukraine in Odessa

Last weekend, a three-day training took place in Odessa, Ukraine, organised by the SD Platform Ukraine in cooperation with the FMS. Some 30 young participants took part in several workshops in which skills, theories and knowledge around social democratic politics were shared. Recently, the SD Platform opened a new branch in Odessa, and for [...]

Research by FEPS: 'The case of Ukraine's candidacy to the EU'

In cooperation with the FMS, Amicus Europae, FJJ, Karl-Renner-Institut, FES Ukraine, and the Kalevi Sorsa Foundation, the European social democratic think tank Foundation of European Progressive Studies (FEPS) conducted a policy study on Ukraine's EU candidate membership. It concludes that social, progressive policies are crucial for Ukraine's development towards possible EU membership. The EU [...]

"How Putin chipped his teeth": Stories from the front in Ukraine

Of course, life at the front consists of a lot more than successful recaptures and deadly defeats making the news. Some soldiers told me - on the basis of anonymity - their experiences in short stories and anecdotes. These recollections are not glorious or heroic. They are stories about the actual circumstances of men and [...]

One year after the start of the invasion: life of Ukrainians in the Netherlands

Oekraïense vlag bij een kerk in het Gelderse Velp. Bron: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:20220816_Ukrainian_flag_in_the_Netherlands.jpg

Friday, February 24, marks one year since Russian President Putin announced the invasion of Ukraine. Due to the intense and sustained bombing and fighting, many Ukrainians have had to flee the country. About 90,000 Ukrainians have fled to the Netherlands. FMS interviewed Yana (29) - who lives with her family in Leusden - and [...]

AIV advice: Cabinet, make clear what is at stake in Ukraine

Photo: solidarity demonstration by Dutch people with Ukraine on Dam Square, February 2022 On 7 July, the House of Representatives asked the Advisory Council on International Affairs (AIV) to write an urgent opinion on the consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Today, 20 October, the AIV issued a number of urgent recommendations. The gist of the advice? The government [...]

Approaching winter opens Europe's gas labyrinth

As winter approaches, European countries are increasingly concerned about where their energy should come from. While Hungary, Serbia and Turkey are negotiating to open Russia's gas tap, other countries are instead relying on their neighbours' reserves. Last week, available [...]

Russian terror: 'October 10 was a terrible day for millions of Ukrainians'

Residents of Kyiv and other cities in Ukraine were woken up by loud explosions on Monday, 10 October. It is the first time since June that the capital has been attacked. FMS spoke to Bogdan Ferens, who was in Kyiv on the morning of the attacks. "10 October was a terrible day for millions of Ukrainians," said [...]