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24 February: Together in action for Ukraine

Last Saturday, 24 February, hundreds of people gathered on Dam Square in Amsterdam to express their support for Ukraine, two years after the large-scale Russian invasion. As in other cities in the Netherlands, people gathered in large numbers - despite the rain - to show that we support Ukraine [...]

Stalemate Ukraine highlights undiminished importance of support

Photo: Demonstration in support of Ukraine in February 2022 - Wikimedia Commons Almost two years ago, Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine. With support for Ukraine no longer a foregone conclusion, a good outcome of the war is increasingly uncertain. The fighting lingers on and the risk of another frozen conflict lies [...]

Frozen Russian assets: where are they and what should be done with them?

  Ever since the first months of the war in Ukraine, many, including Ukrainian authorities, have advocated the use of frozen Russian assets for Ukraine's reconstruction. In practice, however, this wish has been hard to realise, including in the Netherlands. Indeed, freezing Russian assets is anything but smooth, and deploying [...]

Solidarity with Ukraine remains essential

Photo: Destroyed city centre of Kharkiv, Ukraine, March 2022 - Pavel Dorogoj Today, the Max van der Stoel Foundation, in cooperation with Libereco and PvdA International, is organising a political café on the theme 'Solidarity with Ukraine', for which you can register here. During the event, the situation Ukraine will be discussed in two panels. In [...]

Come too! Political Café: Solidarity with Ukraine

Register here: Just under three hours' flight from the Netherlands, a particularly brutal war - the Russian invasion of Ukraine - is still raging, but after a year and a half of war, support for the Ukrainian struggle is still widely felt in the Netherlands. From several countries in the west, the pressure for support for [...]

'Progressive Leadership & Just Recovery' training with SD Platform Ukraine

Last weekend, from 7 to 9 July, FMS, together with the SD Platform in Ukraine, organised a three-day training on "Progressive Leadership & Just Recovery" in Kyiv. The SD Platform in Ukraine has been working for years from the bottom up to promote fair, social politics for all - including in times of war. These trainings are [...]

New European publication on the way forward in Ukraine

Russia's aggression against Ukraine in February 2022 shocked the world and brought great devastation and trauma. The war continues in 2023, characterised by an unruly Ukraine, fighting courageously and energetically for its sovereignty, rule of law and self-determination. Western forces, with the European Union at the forefront, play an important role in [...]

Ukrainian aid organisation Vostok SOS's visit to The Hague

Last week, representatives of Ukrainian aid organisation Vostok SOS were in the Netherlands to draw attention to the important work they are doing in Ukraine. Besides the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, among others, FMS also had the honour of hosting the representatives. In addition, FMS together with the Netherlands Helsinki Committee and Libereco organised [...]

Last weekend: training SD Platform Ukraine in Odessa

Last weekend, a three-day training took place in Odessa, Ukraine, organised by the SD Platform Ukraine in cooperation with the FMS. Some 30 young participants took part in several workshops in which skills, theories and knowledge around social democratic politics were shared. Recently, the SD Platform opened a new branch in Odessa, and for [...]

Research by FEPS: 'The case of Ukraine's candidacy to the EU'

In cooperation with the FMS, Amicus Europae, FJJ, Karl-Renner-Institut, FES Ukraine, and the Kalevi Sorsa Foundation, the European social democratic think tank Foundation of European Progressive Studies (FEPS) conducted a policy study on Ukraine's EU candidate membership. It concludes that social, progressive policies are crucial for Ukraine's development towards possible EU membership. The EU [...]