Approaching winter opens Europe's gas labyrinth

As winter approaches, European countries are increasingly concerned about where their energy should come from. While Hungary, Serbia and Turkey are negotiating to open Russia's gas tap, other countries are instead relying on their neighbours' reserves. Last week, available [...]

Russian terror: 'October 10 was a terrible day for millions of Ukrainians'

Residents of Kyiv and other cities in Ukraine were woken up by loud explosions on Monday, 10 October. It is the first time since June that the capital has been attacked. FMS spoke to Bogdan Ferens, who was in Kyiv on the morning of the attacks. "10 October was a terrible day for millions of Ukrainians," said [...]

Ukraine action: first tools arrived on site

On Saturday 9 April, the FMS, in cooperation with the Labour Party, organised a large collection drive for our SD platform partners in Ukraine. A success: some 4.5 tonnes of resources have now arrived in Ukraine.

Disturbing reports of discrimination on Polish-Ukrainian border

On Sunday 20 March, a protest will take place in The Hague to draw attention to equal treatment for all those fleeing Ukraine because of the Russian invasion. Several disturbing reports of discrimination at the Ukrainian-Polish border, with segregation taking place between refugees, emerged over the past week.

Support our comrades in Ukraine! Just when the need is so high.

Dear friends,

We have all been affected by the Russian army's horrific invasion of Ukraine. The images pierce our minds. Many have asked me what we can do to help. People have spontaneously offered housing to accommodate refugees when they come to the Netherlands. Many of you have also indicated that you would like to donate money. Of course, you can transfer that to well-known charities such as Stichting Vluchteling and Het Rode Kruis.

Let Me Say This - Bohdan Ferens

Video: Democracy

This February we, together with the Forum of European Progressive Studies, launched the first video of the new project "Let Me Say This". This month's changemaker is Bohdan Ferens!

Produced in cooperation with Makmende Media each video starts with the words "Let Me Say This...".

'Country of the Week' - Ukraine

What exactly does FMS do? Where are you active? Who are your partners? Starting this week, we will answer all these questions and more in our new initiative: 'Country of the Week'. Each week, we will highlight one of the countries in which we operate and highlight what we do there through videos, fun facts and stories from our projects! This week we kick off with Ukraine.

Progressive Women of Eastern Europe want more cooperation

Last weekend, we organised the Progressive Women's Summit of Eastern Europe, together with the UK Labour Party and the Social Democratic Platform in Ukraine. Women from four Eastern European countries - Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia and Georgia - came together in Kyiv, to share experiences and reflect together on possible solutions to the challenges they face.

Elections in Ukraine: how's it going?

Last Sunday there were parliamentary elections in Ukraine. The results showed an overwhelming success for Servant of the People, the party of President Volodymyr Zelenskiy: for the first time in the history of independent Ukraine, one party managed to get a majority in parliament without the need for a coalition. But then, Zelenskiy is a very popular actor/comedian with sufficient financial resources. How does something like this work with candidates who don't have that? Our partner in Ukraine, the youth movement SD Platform, participated in the elections for the first time this time with one candidate: one of its founders, Bohdan Ferens. Friso Ages travelled to Kyiv to participate in the last days of his campaign and to watch election day. Below is his report.