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Support our comrades in Ukraine! Just when the need is so high.




Dear friends,

We have all been affected by the Russian army's horrific invasion of Ukraine. The images pierce our minds. Many have asked me what we can do to help. People have spontaneously offered housing to accommodate refugees when they come to the Netherlands. Many of you have also indicated that you would like to donate money. Of course, you can transfer that to well-known charities such as Stichting Vluchteling and Het Rode Kruis.

You can also directly support the young people of SD-Platform, which the Max van der Stoel Foundation has been working with for 10 years.

Youth organisation activists SD Platform ask for your support. Many are trapped in, for example, the capital Kiev, where an encirclement of Russian tropes threatens. Many have had to leave hearth and home and have fled to areas, which now seem slightly safer. They need concrete help and are committed to helping those around them. Your donations allow them to buy food, drinks, medicine, clothes, fuel and protective equipment.

We, as Foundation Max van der Stoel, will make sure the money gets to the right place quickly. Want to know more? Click this page

Transfer your contribution to: NL15 RABO 0394 5461 21, tnv: Max van der Stoel Foundation. Please state with your donation: Aid Ukraine.

Arjen Berkvens, director Max van der Stoel Foundation


The FMS holds ANBI status, making your donation tax-deductible.