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Review of our political café on our role in European democracy & rule of law

Photo: (from left to right) Iris Vrolijks, Pieter de Wilde, Thijs Reuten, Elene Amiranashvili (FMS) On Wednesday 17 April, politically interested people gathered in Groningen for an enriching evening of debate and reflection on our role in European democracy and the rule of law. The political café provided a stage for lively discussions and deep insights, with [...]

With the honest story, Lara Sibbing cycles through the EU and the Netherlands

The European Parliament elections are coming up. Also on 6 June, Green-Left-PvdA will appear on the ballot paper with a shared list in which 'green' and 'red' come together. In the run-up to these elections, we therefore speak to several GL-PvdA candidates. In this interview Lara Sibbing - number 16 on the list - about [...]

"Super election year 2024": what is the FMS looking forward to?

Photo: Mohamed Hassan/ PxHere 2024 is also being called the election year by political analysts. People in more than 70 countries will be allowed to cast their votes which amounts to 3.7 billion people, almost half of the total world population. Just because elections are organised does not automatically mean they are democratic. In some elections, the winner is [...]

€20,000 per asylum seeker - solidarity hard to find in new EU migration pact

Photo: Detention centre in Amygdaleza, Greece - Wikimedia Commons Discussions on a new migration pact, a common system to manage migration EU-wide, have been ongoing since 2020. Reforming European asylum and migration policy - necessary given the failing system characterised by ineffective measures, political polarisation and human rights violations - was until then [...]

EU enlargement update: where does everyone stand?

Photo: Wikimedia Commons The European Commission on 8 November released the 2023 Enlargement Package - a report on the state of play and progress made by aspiring EU member states towards accession. It lays out the development of reforms to meet EU standards and where priorities lie for now on a country-by-country basis. Negotiations should [...]

Does EU enlargement mean a new wave of brain drain?

Photo: Wikimedia Commons With the prospect of several eastern and south-eastern European countries joining the European Union, the question arises as to what this means for internal migration within the EU. The idea is that joining the EU would boost national economies by making them part of the single market. [...]

10 years after Lampedusa: a history that need not be repeated

Ten years ago, two terrible shipwrecks occurred off the island of Lampedusa. At least 368 refugees died during the first shipwreck on 3 October. Just eight days later, during a second disaster, at least 268 more refugees, including 60 children, drowned. The high death toll is not only explained by the [...]

Watch back now: Q&A on Polish Elections

Aleksandra Iwanowska was a guest at the FMS for a Q&A on next Sunday's Polish elections. Aleksandra is international secretary of the Polish social democratic youth party Federacji Młodych Socjaldemokratów. Which parties are running in the elections and what are their plans for Poland? Will the elections affect Poland's relationship with [...]

New Pact on Migration and Asylum - mere wishful thinking by the EU?

Photo: Refugees at a detention centre in Edirne, Greece - Wikimedia Commons The European Council has reached an agreement on the final part of 'The New Pact on Migration and Asylum', which was proposed by the European Commission in 2020 to finally come up with clear rules on migration applicable to all [...]