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Extensive African theatre programme at Holland Festival 2019

The Holland Festival is the largest international performing arts festival in the Netherlands and June will see the 72ste edition will take place in Amsterdam. The festival features opera, (music) theatre, dance and more from around the world. This year, for the first time, two associate artists are associated with the festival, William Kentridge from South Africa and Faustin Linyekula from Congo. There will be plenty of work from Africa by the two associate artists and artists who inspire them.


Sur les traces de Dinozord

This dance performance by associate artist Faustin Linyekula is about the future of war and violence-ravaged Congo. It is a journey through lost dreams and memories of old friends in Kisangani, the city where Linyekula grew up. The performance whose title translates to 'In the footsteps of Dinozord', is a highlight of Linyekula's oeuvre.

4 & 5 June, International Theatre Amsterdam

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Defence of the Less Good Idea / Blind Mass Orchestra / Requiem Request

Associate artist William Kentridge founded The Centre for the Less Good Idea, a place where artists have the opportunity to work on their body of work. This performance is a multifaceted work in which makers from The Centre present a combination of musical theatre and performance. Kentridge opens with a lecture-performance, followed by music by Blind Mass Orchestra and the performance Requiem Request, dance combined with singing by a South African isicathamiya choir.

7, 8, 9 June, Frascati

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We may give away free tickets to both performances. Want to participate? Keep our Facebook page in the eye!


Other African performances

Also at the Holland Festival are the following African performances: The Head & The Load, Cion; Requiem of Ravel's Bolero, Beautiful Me, Congo, Not Another Diva, Paper Music and La Danse de la Rue 19.

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