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Kidnappings galore: Nigeria's security crisis

Photo: #BringBackOurGirls mural in West Vale, UK - Flickr Nigeria is engulfed by a wave of kidnappings carried out by various armed groups that are tightening their grip on Nigerian society. The glaring problem of mass kidnappings came into the spotlight after Boko Haram abducted 276 schoolgirls from Chibok in 2014, an act [...]

The People vs Dow Chemical

Two girls fetching water in the neighbourhood next to the former Union Carbide plant @Giles Clarke This article originally appeared on Vice Versa. Forty years ago, tonnes of toxic gas leaked from a plant in India, killing thousands - and now, in 2024, Dow Chemical is facing the [...]

With the honest story, Lara Sibbing cycles through the EU and the Netherlands

The European Parliament elections are coming up. Also on 6 June, Green-Left-PvdA will appear on the ballot paper with a shared list in which 'green' and 'red' come together. In the run-up to these elections, we therefore speak to several GL-PvdA candidates. In this interview Lara Sibbing - number 16 on the list - about [...]

China's growing influence in Europe's backyard

Photo: Construction of a bridge over the Morača Valley, Montenegro, as part of the Bar-Boljare highway - Wikimedia Commons China has been pushing for some time to become the new global superpower. The Belt and Road Inititave been part of this expansion drive. China is keen to expand its global footprint and [...]

Review "Foreign Aid and its Unintended Consequences" by Dirk-Jan Koch

In his new book, Professor Dirk-Jan Koch presents a new take on foreign aid: identifying unintended consequences, both negative and positive. A successful attempt, argues Bram van Leeuwen, but stronger systemic criticism is needed. With the provocative title "Foreign Aid and its Unintenteded Consequences", Dirk-Jan Koch called on interested parties to take a [...]

Frozen Russian assets: where are they and what should be done with them?

  Ever since the first months of the war in Ukraine, many, including Ukrainian authorities, have advocated the use of frozen Russian assets for Ukraine's reconstruction. In practice, however, this wish has been hard to realise, including in the Netherlands. Indeed, freezing Russian assets is anything but smooth, and deploying [...]

Security in the Sahel: More soldiers or more development aid?

Photo: MINUSMA troops in 2018 (source: Flickr) In recent years, there have been coups in several countries in the Sahel. At the same time, a UN peacekeeping mission has failed and the security situation of the population is deteriorating. Less emphasis on military means and a renewed focus on development cooperation may offer a solution. In late July this year, a coup [...]

Uganda's extreme anti-lhbti law: Is the West part of the solution or the problem?

Photo: Yoweri Museveni, the President of Uganda. Via Wikimedia Commons In late May 2023, Uganda introduced one of the most extreme anti-LGBTi laws in the world. Now, more than four months later, the disastrous consequences of these measures are becoming increasingly clear. In response, several international sanctions have been imposed and the Constitutional Court of [...]