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7.5 million people on the run: the bloody struggle for power and gold in Sudan

Photo: Khartoum before the conflict broke out - Wikimedia Commons On 15 April 2023, there is great panic in Khartoum, Sudan's capital. Armed men storm the city and tens of thousands of people are forced to leave their homes. What follows is a protracted battle between, on the one hand, the Sudanese government army (SAF), led [...]

Security in the Sahel: More soldiers or more development aid?

Photo: MINUSMA troops in 2018 (source: Flickr) In recent years, there have been coups in several countries in the Sahel. At the same time, a UN peacekeeping mission has failed and the security situation of the population is deteriorating. Less emphasis on military means and a renewed focus on development cooperation may offer a solution. In late July this year, a coup [...]

Uganda's extreme anti-lhbti law: Is the West part of the solution or the problem?

Photo: Yoweri Museveni, the President of Uganda. Via Wikimedia Commons In late May 2023, Uganda introduced one of the most extreme anti-LGBTi laws in the world. Now, more than four months later, the disastrous consequences of these measures are becoming increasingly clear. In response, several international sanctions have been imposed and the Constitutional Court of [...]

The Africa Day Youth Think Tank in action!

At the FMS, youth engagement is a high priority. For this reason, last summer we launched the Africa Day Youth Think Tank, a project in cooperation with Erasmus+. Thirty young people, from diverse educational and personal backgrounds, united around a shared interest: the African continent. Together, they have spent the past [...]

Gabon follows in series of coups in 'Françafrique' - trend or coincidence?

Photo: President Ali Bongo, deposed after 56 years of Bongo rule - Wikimedia Commons On 30 August, Gabon's military leadership announced through a televised address that it had assumed power in the country. Just before that, Ali Bongo was declared president for his third term. "On behalf of the people of Gabon, we have decided to [...]

African climate summit: much-discussed carbon credits are not a panacea

Photo: Attendees at the African Climate Summit in Nairobi - Flickr / Paul Kagame This month, African Union members met to form a common position on climate policy ahead of COP28. Carbon credits were a focus point. Governments see a lot of potential in this system, but there are many legitimate criticisms. [...]

Niger coup shows: fairer policies to Africa are needed

Photo: Wikimedia Commons The Nigerian presidential guard detained democratically elected President Mohamed Bazoum on 26 July, only to launch a military coup. In a television broadcast, senior officers from various branches of the defence and security forces announced that they had formed a junta. A Nigerian army spokesman shared, "The defence [...]

Report European Development Days 2022

''The world needs a positive investment impulse, and it needs it now,'' Ursula von der Leyen said in her speech at the opening ceremony of the European Development Days (EDD). With the new 'Global Gateway strategy', billions will be invested in sustainable and inclusive infrastructure to trigger further development worldwide.

This strategy was the focus of the two-day event, organised by the European Commission, which took place on Tuesday 21 June and Wednesday 22 June. The idea behind the annual EDD is to bring together the development community to exchange ideas and experiences to come up with new valuable solutions and collaborations.

Discussion on labour migration - Labour Party Congress Report

On Saturday 11 June, the Labour Party Congress finally took place again! This year, the huge event could again physically take place. Consequently, the atmosphere was good and the day was well attended. Also special was the vote on further left-wing cooperation with the Green Left, which attracted a lot of attention not only among PvdA members, but also nationally.

Atmosphere report Africa Day 2022

After two years of waiting, Saturday 28 May was finally here. Africa Day could take place again! At 10:00 am, the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) opened its doors and, as ever, it was once again full of visitors. Three great rounds of workshops followed! Unlike previous years, there was no single theme last Saturday, but the overarching core value of Africa Day took centre stage: the important role of African voices in social discussions. The result was an extensive and, above all, diverse range of workshops.