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Research by FEPS: 'The case of Ukraine's candidacy to the EU'

In cooperation with the FMS, Amicus Europae, FJJ, Karl-Renner-Institut, FES Ukraine, and the Kalevi Sorsa Foundation, the European social democratic think tank Foundation of European Progressive Studies (FEPS) conducted a policy study on Ukraine's EU candidate membership. It concludes that social, progressive policies are crucial for Ukraine's development towards possible EU membership. The EU itself will have to set out a new vision for enlargement policy to meet Ukraine's ambitions and the changing needs of its eastern neighbours. The study contains a number of recommendations with a view to the EU's future relations with Ukraine.

This is the first publication under the project "Progressive paths to rebuild Ukraine".

In partnership with FMS, Amicus Europae, FJJ, Karl-Renner-Institut, FES Ukraine and the Kalevi Sorsa Foundation, FEPS is launching this project, an initiative to support social democrats and progressive forces in developing a clearer and common vision of Ukraine's future within the EU framework.

While EU military support is indispensable as part of its solidarity with Ukraine and also to protect Europe from the Russian threat, ensuring a substantial, robust democracy and an inclusive social-democratic state in Ukraine are also crucial to achieving lasting peace.

See more information, and the full study by FEPS, led by Andriy Korniychuk here: 


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