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Last weekend: training SD Platform Ukraine in Odessa

Last weekend, a three-day training took place in Odessa, Ukraine, organised by the SD Platform Ukraine in cooperation with the FMS. Some 30 young participants took part in several workshops in which skills, theories and knowledge around social democratic politics were shared. The SD Platform recently opened a new branch in Odessa, so for many participants this training was a first!

Topics covered during the weekend included components of leadership, public speaking, organising social democratic initiatives, and preparing for a just reconstruction of Ukraine.

Despite the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the war now raging in the country for more than a year, the struggle for fair, social politics in Ukraine remains as important as ever. Particularly now that the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine is a topic of conversation, the SD Platform, together with the FMS, is putting fair politics on the agenda - so that reconstruction funds are not limited to a certain section of the population.

The SD Platform is currently active in very many regions of Ukraine. They are steadily building its constituency and engaging many in activism and social democratic politics. A great development and through trainings, but also in other ways, we only hope to intensify this cooperation in the coming years!

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Photos taken by SD Platform Ukraine, Odessa branch