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Next Monday, 23 May: Interview with Russia expert Gijs Kessler

This Monday 23 May, FMS director Arjen Berkvens will interview leading Russia expert Gijs Kessler, affiliated with the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam. Kessler is a specialist on the social and economic history of the Soviet Union and Russia, and lived in Moscow between 2002 and 2016.

Very recently, Kessler published his latest work; "Russia - country that wants to be different". In this highly topical work, he examines Russia's recent history since 1991. The country has seen many changes in the 30 years since the end of the Soviet Union. Much of what was achieved is now going to ruin as Russia is internationally gearedïsoleerd after the invasion of Ukraineíne. Why did 30 years of change fail to bring the Russians what they expected? What did it bring? 

This book recounts his experiences in a country that always wants to be different from what it is - more prosperous, just and hopeful, but also more respected, powerful and influential.

Order the book by Gijs Kessler this page.

Next Monday, 23 May between 20:00 and 21:00, Arjen Berkvens' interview with Gijs Kessler will take place. You can follow the interview via the FMS Facebook or directly via Zoom with this link: 

See you then!