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Support the FMS for more international solidarity!

Over the past two years, my letter dwelt extensively on the impact of the corona pandemic. We saw the contradictions and inequalities increase worldwide. Whether you could claim income support or a vaccination depended largely on where your cradle had been. It is these kinds of structural forms of inequality that social democracy fights against. The Max van der Stoel Foundation contributes to that fight.

The corona crisis had not yet disappeared from the headlines, or we were faced with a terrible war on our continent. The Russian invasion of Ukraine had been thought possible by few. With great bewilderment, we witnessed terrible violations of international law. Under such circumstances, one must also show solidarity. Our Ukrainian partner SD-Platform urgently needed help. We campaigned together with the Labour Party and in a short time raised more than 20,000 euros and collected 4 tonnes of relief goods to meet the worst needs locally. The solidarity and generosity of so many really does make a big difference. In the time to come, we will face the far-reaching consequences of this conflict. Even now, the poorest countries are being hit hardest by rising energy and food prices. This has dramatic consequences. It is precisely now that different policies are needed.

foto oekraine actie

Photo: The first items from the Ukraine action arrive on site.


On 28 May, I was once again immensely proud of our work. After two years of absence, we were finally able to organise an Africa Day again. Besides the many substantive workshops, contributions from (African) politicians, activists, writers and artists, this too was above all an expression of international solidarity. How nice to see so many of you there again! FMS continues to support our local partners. We provide training to empower people. Also, we continue to work for fairer politics towards developing countries. We need to stop giving with one hand and taking with the other.


Photo: Atmosphere impression of Africa Day 2022


This cannot be done without your support. That is why I am asking you to contribute to the work of the FMS. I hope you will generously support us with your donation to put international solidarity into practice.

Transfer your contribution to: NL15 RABO 0394 5461 21, tnv: Max van der Stoel Foundation.



Bert Koenders, chairman