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Opinion in Trouw: Letterbox firm thwarts our development aid

How many people would be on the Malieveld if it became known that the government is wasting billions of euros because different ministries are constantly working against each other with their policies? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is: zero, no one. How do we know? This scenario has been playing out in complete openness for years.

The Dutch commitment to development cooperation is negated by our policies in other areas. What we give with one hand is taken away with the other. Building Change colleagues Aron Vijzelman (FMS) and Jade Wong (Partos) wrote an article about this that appeared in Trouw. Read the piece this page.

Building Change - a partnership between Foundation Max van der Stoel, Partos and Woord en Daad - argues for fair Dutch policies that that has no negative impact on sustainable development in low-income countries. 


Photo: Jean-Luc Laval