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FMS seeks 'democracy' and 'development' intern


Are you looking for an internship for spring 2022? And are you interested in international politics? Then come and do an internship at the FMS. For the period February to June 2022, we are again looking for 2 interns!

Development internship

For our 'development' programme, we are looking - in collaboration with Building Change - for 1 intern to work mainly on our lobbying and advocacy activities. Current intern Dorine says this about her internship at the FMS:

The Building Change work of this internship is very instructive and interesting! You are close to politics, and participate in the lobbying process towards politicians, especially on Dutch policies that affect developing countries, such as legislation around tax evasion and avoidance, but also climate policy. Your responsibility is to actively keep track of the political calendar: What are interesting topics that we can do something with? What I really like about the internship is that you then also actively participate in the lobbying process: You get to write lobby letters and (news) articles and make sure the social media are kept up to date. Now that a coalition agreement will hopefully appear in a few months' time, this internship will be even more relevant to you: all the issues will then be discussed in the committees again, giving us more opportunity to exert influence. If you want to be close to the political process and be part of a very nice, open and inspiring working environment, apply for this internship!

Will you be our new trainee 'development'? Then send your motivation letter + CV to Anne van der Meer, avdmeer[at], no later than 30 November. The vacancy can be found here

Internship 'democracy'

For our 'democracy' programme, we are looking - in collaboration with the European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity - for 1 intern to focus on our activities around democratisation. Ilona and Annefleur, our current democracy interns, tell us about it:

As a Democracy intern, you will also learn a lot and be given many opportunities. Your responsibilities include writing articles for not only FMS, but also for the European Forum. As a result, you will learn a lot about countries in Eastern Europe and the Middle East: we keep very close track of what is happening in politics, and how this affects human rights and civil society. What's nice about writing articles for the European Forum is that you have a lot of freedom to suggest topics yourself. In addition to writing articles, you also rotate with other things, such as organising political cafés and meetings between political actors. Here, too, you learn a lot, not only in terms of content, but also about how organisations cooperate with each other and which parties are all involved in democracy. Besides working with Dutch organisations such as PAX, the FMS also collaborates with local partners. This gives you more insight into which organisations are active at local level within and outside Europe. If you are interested in international politics and democratisation, we would definitely recommend this internship: you will learn a lot of content, get to know many people and organisations, and actively participate in spreading news about democracy.

Will you be our new 'democracy' intern? Then send your motivation letter + CV to Remy van Aanholt, rvaanholt[at], no later than 30 November. .