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Climate justice: flooding in Beira, Mozambique

Beira, Mozambique's second-largest city, is only a few metres above sea level. Climate change and rising sea levels have made the city vulnerable to flooding and extreme weather. Consequently, in 2019, Beira was hit hard by Cyclone Idai. The cyclone destroyed and flooded large parts of the city. This greatly affected the city's residents. Luis Tayado, a resident of Beira, hopes the city can rebuild before the next cyclone leaves everything in ruins again. Albon Joze, who also lives in Beira, lost his home like 146,000 others due to the devastating winds and rain of Idai. 

 In the latest story of our online magazine Climate Justice: African Perspectives you can read how climate change is affecting Beira. Also highlighted is the solution the mayor is working on, namely the 'Master plan 2035.' Together with companies from Mozambique and the Netherlands, the city has created a plan to adapt to climate change.

These stories from Mozambique are the third in a series of stories on the impact of climate change in Africa that we are publishing in our online magazine. The magazine is part of our wider Climate Justice research we are conducting with FEPS. Besides these stories, the magazine will also keep you updated on the rest of this research. Follow us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram to not miss a story. And read stories about Beira in the magazine!