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Successful MENA Academy in Tunisia

Last month, after almost two years of inactivity, we were able to organise another physical MENA Academy. For four days, we trained young people from different countries in the Middle East and North Africa. These are young people chosen by their own parties as promising candidates and perhaps the future leaders of their parties or countries!

In Tunisia, we had two different groups of young people together. In one group, the focus was on training skills such as political leadership, political campaigning, social democracy and internal party democracy. In the other group, which included participants who had previously undergone similar training, the training consisted mainly of learning how to be a trainer.

It was also an opportunity for both groups to get to know young people from other countries and build a network. This way, they can learn from each other and build the future of their party, country and region together! See some photos of the training below to get an impression of the atmosphere.

We organise these training sessions together with the Olof Palme International Center