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In Memoriam: Marnix Krop (1948-2022), co-founder Alfred Mozer Foundation

During his holiday in Portugal, on 28 July, Marnix Krop passed away unexpectedly. First of all, we would like to express our condolences to his family on behalf of the FMS. Marnix Krop is well known as the biographer of Wim Kok. He worked hard on volume two and it is deeply sad that he was unable to finish it.

Less well known perhaps, because long ago, is Marnix's role in the creation of the Alfred Mozer Foundation (AMS), the forerunner of the FMS, which we would like to recall here.

After the fall of the Wall in 1989 and the collapse of communism in Central and Eastern Europe, the PvdA, and European Social Democracy, was faced with the question of what we could do to support young democracies. At the time, Marnix was a former staff member of the Wiardi Beckman Foundation (WBS) and felt the PvdA lacked ambition. An Eastern Europe working group? That was not enough. It had to be a foundation that could both offer practical support to social democrats in Central and Eastern Europe and contribute to the debate on the stormy developments of the time. Thus was born the Alfred Mozer Foundation, named after the PvdA's first international secretary, with Marnix as its official co-founder.

It was also Marnix who pushed for Max van der Stoel to be the first chairman of the AMS, thus bringing him back more into the Labour Party. Van der Stoel 's first act was to produce a report on the German question. Marnix was a member of the writing group. Its main conclusions were that East Germany (DDR) should merge into the Federal Republic of Germany and that the country thus reunited should be allowed to be a member of NATO and the European Community. Marnix also took the initiative to dedicate the 1992 WBS Yearbook to Eastern Europe and social democracy.

In 2022, the AMS successor will still be operating in the Western Balkans and countries east of the EU. Without Marnix's tenacity back then, this would never have happened. For that, we are deeply grateful to him.

Jan Marinus Wiersma, former PvdA international secretary

Arjen Berkvens, director FMS

Berend-Jan van den Boomen, former director Alfred Mozer Foundation