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Joint international campaign for justice by Belarusian judges

On Libereco's initiative, 20 human rights organisations from 10 different countries, including FMS, signed a letter sent to 413 Belarusian judges. In the letter the organisations highlight the involvement of judges in human rights violations and the unjust incarceration of innocent people in Belarus.


The judges addressed have been involved in the political trials and sentences of peaceful protesters, those opposing the Russian war in Ukraine and those simply demanding basic rights, many of whom have now been declared political prisoners.

Belarusian judges play a crucial role in the authoritarian regime of dictator Alexander Lukashenko. They regularly deny defendants' basic legal rights to a fair trial, rule that courts are closed during trials, fall short of basic standards of impartiality and regularly pass criminal sentences. Judges are a group that plays an important role in Lukashenko's campaign of brutality and repression, yet it is a group largely ignored by the international community. The concerted international campaign puts the judges in the spotlight.


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