FMS liveblog: "Corona in Africa"

The liveblog from the FMS on corona in Africa is now online!

The corona news flies around our ears. Like it or not, we cannot get away from the figures and interpretations about the number of infections, occupied ICU beds and deaths in the Netherlands. Quite understandable in these uncertain times of crisis. Yet we see, now more than ever, that this news focuses mainly on ourselves, the Netherlands, and to a lesser extent the rest of Europe and the West.

But the rest of the world has also been, or will soon be, overwhelmed by the effects of the virus. The African continent, for instance, is also bracing itself for corona. Many countries here immediately opt for the toughest scenario: lockdown. Because with fragile healthcare systems and a very limited number of ICU beds, the risk of the virus escalating is high in many countries. Not to mention the economic impact and consequences for fragile states (democratic or otherwise), often weakened by violence.

Unfortunately, not only the news media, but also our politicians leave limited comment on the situation outside our own country. To generate some more urgency and attention to the situation in Africa, the FMS is therefore starting a liveblog "Corona and Africa". Daily, we will keep you updated on the state of affairs when it comes to the number of infections and measures in Africa. We share the latest news on local, innovative initiatives and look at the impact on democracy in the countries. We also look at ourselves: how can we do our bit and what is the Dutch government doing to support these countries?