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Eco-activists from WECF on Africa Day!

In many countries, people face climate change and pollution on a daily basis. Women Engage for a Common Future (WECF) supports the heroes standing up for this. The workshop 'Eco-activism: best practices from Nigeria' at Africa Day will discuss this in detail. In doing so, WECF perfectly matches the theme of Africa Day 2018: NEW ACTIVISM. A
valuable addition for Africa Day!

WECF is a network of over 150 women's and environmental organisations in more than 50 countries, with a historical focus on Western and Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia. WECF members and partners work together on sustainable development, health and environmental protection, and poverty reduction. This is done in the international field through practical project work on location, through awareness-raising campaigns or, as now on Africa Day!

WECF supports activism against climate change and pollution: in the Netherlands and abroad!

Climate change and pollution pose a major threat to people's health and lead to instability and lack of future prospects in local communities. Many women and men are brave enough to organise themselves and others to counter this. This workshop will discuss best practices with an inspiring activist. Priscilla M. Achakpa of Women's Environment Program (WEP) Nigeria is a key attendee here. A short documentary on activists fighting harmful plastics and e-waste in Nigeria will also be shown. This will be presented by Sascha Gabizon (WECF International).

What can we learn from each other? And what can we in the Netherlands do to support the cause of activists like Priscilla? These questions and more will be discussed in the workshop 'Eco-activism: best practices from Nigeria', moderated by Kirsten Meijer, director of WECF Netherlands.

All in all, an extremely topical subject on which we are far from finished! Do you have a critical question you want to ask the panel or need a contemporary debate? Don't miss it and register now!