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Africa Day will be back in 2022!

*For English, read below

Retrieved from 28 May 2022 the Africa Day is back on the road! After two years in which the Africa Day could not take place, we hope to return in April with a LIVE Africa Day at KIT in Amsterdam. This Africa Day can also only be realised with the involvement of civil society organisations, representatives of the diaspora, political parties, ambassadors, companies, artists and performers who will engage with visitors in dozens of workshops and on the Africa Day market.

Next year, Africa Day will not focus on a single theme, but we will put the overarching core value of Africa Day centre stage: the important role of African voices in social discussions and policy at national and international level. How do we in the Netherlands and Europe relate to African countries, communities and people in the year 2022? How do we achieve the necessary renewal of this relationship, based on equality? And what impact has almost two years of Covid-19 had on this? These are questions we will try to answer during Africa Day 2022.

The broad theme offers room for a very diverse interpretation by participating organisations All topics are welcome, whether it touches on culture, politics, art, education, or something else. If you would like to contribute to Africa Day 2022 and organise a workshop or market stall, please mail to To discuss options with us!

*The Afrikadag is back! After two years in which we were unable to organise Afrikadag, we will hopefully once again be able host the biggest event on Africa and international cooperation in the Netherlands! There is no specific theme this year. Instead, we will focus on the core value of the Afrikadag: the importance of African voices in civic discussions and policy at the national and international level. This also means workshop and market stand hosts are entirely free to choose their own topic, as long as it related to Africa. Do you want to contribute to Africa Day 2022? Send an e-mail to so we can discuss the options!