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The 16th edition of the social democratic 'Summer Camp' in northern Macedonia

In northern Macedonia, Foundation Max van der Stoel is working with the Progress Institute for Social Democracy, an institute affiliated to the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia (SDSM). With Macedonia now back on the road to democracy and EU accession after a parliamentary crisis in 2017, it is important for international partners to continue their support. This is partly why FMS organises an annual summer school for 90 social democratic youth in northern Macedonia - an event that is looked forward to every year.

This year, from 6-9 July, the 16th edition of the summer school took place in Ohrid. This makes it one of the longest-running and best attended training sessions organised by the FMS every year. The focus this time was on social democratic values anno 2023, youth participation, and political communication. For instance, trainers from the FMS gave several training sessions on social democratic norms and values, and mobilising young people in politics. Trainers from the Progress Institute also provided several interactive sessions on political Communication and debating in the context of current challenges in Macedonian politics.  

Social activities were also organised by moderators from the NGO Rubikon, which specialises in motivation and group bonding, practising team building and working onsporing. The involvement and activation of young people in politics is vital for inclusive and legacym policy. Activities like the 'Summer Camp' contribute in developing a strong, vocal current of young people who innovate and challenge social democratic politics in northern Macedonia. They are the leaders of the future! 

Once again, many thanks to the Progress Institute for Social Democracy for

 realising this beautiful 16th edition of the summer school. We are already looking forward to the next edition!