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The impacts of climate change: what’s happening on the African continent?

The climate is changing: it’s getting hotter, we experience periods of droughts alternated with heavy rainfall and extreme weather. In the Netherlands, this means that we can enjoy our beaches more during the summer, that we have less snow and more rain in the winter, and will there ever be another Elfstedentocht for iceskating? We adapt to these circumstances, buying air conditioners for in the summer and preparing our rivers to take up more water. The impacts of climate change are not really hindering our lives… yet.

On the African continent, climate change is hitting harder and faster. The impact of climate change is visible and impacts already millions of lives across the continent. Droughts, extreme heat, unpredictable rainfall,   and the rise of the sea level affect the lives of the most vulnerable communities. Why is this happening so fast? How does this impact people in Africa? What can we do about this?

To answer these questions, and many more, the FMS presents:

The impacts of climate change: What’s happening on the African continent?

An online event where we will talk about the impacts of climate change on Africa, with African perspectives. Join Andrew Mambondiyani (Zimbabwian climate journalist) and Hala Burma (founder CEM, Sudanese diapora organization) alongside Irene Dankelman (ecologist specialized in gender and environment), and Laurie van der Burg (campaigner for Price of Oil) to hear what is happening right now in Africa, why this is happening, how it impacts daily lives and what we in the Netherlands can and should do about this.

What? Online event: The impacts of climate change: What’s happening on the African continent?

Where? Live on Facebook!

When? 14th of December, 19:30-20:30

Who? Hala Burma, Andrew Mambondiyani, Irene Dankelman and Laurie van der Burg, moderated by Kirsten Meijer