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Read our newest policy study now: “Climate Justice: African Perspectives & EU Policies”

It’s official: live from Nieuwspoort, The Hague,  FEPS and FMS just launched the newest research project: Climate Justice: African Perspectives & EU Policies! We were joined by several European and African policymakers and experts to discuss the outcomes of our research and policy recommendations. 

The realities of climate change are widely accepted, but opinions differ on how to deal with these realities. In this study, we argue for a wider inclusion of African voices in the drafting and implementation of climate policies. Africans are most vulnerable to climate change and are thus hit hardest by the consequences, but their perspectives are rarely taken into account. This needs to change!.


Want to know more? To read our complete policy study, click here. 

To (re)watch the official launch, click here. 

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