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Support the FMS right now: make people stronger and politics fairer!

Dear reader,

How are you doing? Due to the coronavirus, the past few months have been exceptional for everyone and extremely drastic for many. Perhaps you faced a major loss in your close circle or your income was put at risk. Very many people had been working from home for months. Parents and grandparents, of necessity, did not see their children and/or grandchildren. In any case, our lives suddenly changed. This has a big impact on all of us, but people less fortunate are hit especially hard. I therefore ask for your support for the work of the Max van der Stoel Foundation because:

  • In poorer countries, many people have no financial cushion and coronavirus means an immediate fear of hunger and poverty.
  • In some countries, rulers abuse the situation to roll back democratic gains.
  • Large groups of people suffered because their governments could not or would not provide the necessary care against the pandemic.
  • Refugees and migrant workers struggle because they have much less work and because they work in harsh conditions without proper protection against the virus.

When there is a major crisis in the world, it becomes extra clear that there is still great inequality. It also often becomes clear that democratic control is far from well established everywhere and there is still a lot we can change about our own behaviour to achieve a fairer world.

Over the past year, the Max van der Stoel Foundation, with the support of its donors:

- Completed a study on African perspectives on migration and launched a study on the impact of climate change and the need for a just transition.

- Delivered dozens of trainings in 12 countries to progressives and activists, mainly women and youth.

- In the Netherlands, organised the Africa Day and political cafés and provided democracy training to Syrian refugees.

- Successfully advocated for protecting the interests of vulnerable countries so that they do not bear the brunt of our tax and trade policies, among others.

The FMS is committed to this and is full of plans. I am proud and happy to have recently been asked to become the new president of the FMS. Especially at this time, it is very important to fight against inequality, strive for more democracy and adjust our own behaviour so that it does not disadvantage other countries. To make this work possible, we need your support right now. I therefore appeal to you.

Transfer your contribution to: NL15 RABO 0394 5461 21, tnv: Max van der Stoel Foundation.

Warm regards,

Bert Koenders, chairman FMS