Public meeting: 'Young Generations for the New Western Balkans: Beyond Emigration'

Recent research shows that between 25,000 - 40,000 people are annually leaving each of the Western Balkans countries. Not only young people, but increasingly the middle class as well. A group of young scientist from the region has engaged in a project 'New Horizons for the Young Generations in the Balkans' in order to discuss their visions how to overcome old- fashioned politics and nationalisms and the lack of perspective for younger generations. They will sketch alternative horizons and the look for alternatives for South-Eastern Europe's way beyond emigration. The Hague will be the first place in Europe after Vienna where the results of the mentioned initiative will be presented to the public.

Gender training in Serbia brings progressives together

On the weekend of 26-28 October, Foundation Max van der Stoel, in cooperation with the Center of Modern Skills (CMV), organised a gender training for progressive parties and movements in Serbia that are part of the Alliance for Serbia, a new opposition movement. FMS trainers Jamila Aanzi and Sonja Lokar travelled to Vojvodina province to deliver the training.

Western Balkans expectations on eve of European summit

Will we ever be part of the European project? That is the question all Western Balkan leaders are asking as they prepare for the big summit. After French President Macron's statement, no enlargement until the EU itself puts its house in order, last month in Strasbourg, their dreams shattered.

EU's New Enlargement Strategy: Change of Tone

On the 6th of February the European Commission presented its long awaited enlargement strategy for the Western Balkans. Since the State of the Union of European Commission President J.C. Juncker last year, there was a growing momentum for a clearer prospect for accession of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania to the Union.