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Jenin attacks: yet another escalation by a far-right Israeli government

Photo: Twitter/OCHA oPt Large-scale discontent with the Israeli government On 29 December 2022, Israel's 37th government took office, the most right-wing, anti-Palestinian, and religiously conservative cabinet in Israeli history. This cabinet, led by Prime Minister Netanyahu of the Likud party, consists of two ultra-Orthodox and three ultra-nationalist parties. Several ministers from this [...]

'On the brink of collapse': Israel's battle for the Supreme Court

A planned Supreme Court reform by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's far-right and ultra-Orthodox government has been causing unrest in Israel for months. The tension came to a boiling point in late March: following his call to cancel the reform, defence minister Yoav Gallant was temporarily sacked. In response, hundreds of thousands of Israelis took to the streets in protest and [...]

Interview: Colleague Meriem on her experiences in the Palestinian territories

Colleague Meriem Hammami visited the Palestinian territories in November during a three-day fieldtrip organised by the Palestinian-European Civil Society Forum and the Jerusalem Human Rights Consortium. During the fieldtrip, she experienced poignant moments. FMS interviewed her about the experiences that stuck with her most. What was the background to your trip to [...]

Palestinian human rights secondary to Dutch trade interests during Rutte visit

Mark Rutte visited Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories last week, on Monday 24 and Tuesday 25 October. During his visit, the focus was on strengthening ties with Israel, Israeli business and the (relatively impotent) Palestinian Authority, while Palestinian human rights activists were skipped. A questionable programme in a [...]

The status of Jerusalem: a historical perspective

The status of Jerusalem is one of the most contentious issues in international relations. Different political and legal definitions make pronouncements on sovereignty over Jerusalem difficult. US President Donald Trump's decision has therefore not improved the situation, according to many analysts. The announcement that the US embassy is moving from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, with Washington officially recognising Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, caused a stir. Israel seems pleased, the Palestinians are furious and the international community is upset. But how much weight does this decision carry? Most events do not take place in a vacuum. They fit into a historical process. What about this for the recognition of Jerusalem?