Iraqi political cartel still standing firm

Photo: Iraqi protester during the October Revolution in 2019 - Wikimedia Commons October 1, 2019, marked the starting point of a series of violent protests in Iraq, the largest the country has seen since the fall of Saddam Hussein. The protests followed dissatisfaction with corruption, unemployment and government ineffectiveness. It led to early [...]

Political Cafe Iraq; shifting puppets won't help, another game is needed

Fierce protests have been raging in Iraq since October. On top of that, in early January, Iranian general Soleimani and Iraqi militia leader Muhandis were liquidated by the US in Baghdad. These events are highly likely to have major implications for Iraq and the region. Therefore, it was a good time to discuss them with politicians, experts and members of the Iraqi diaspora! In a well-filled room in the Muntgebouw Utrecht, the Political Café on Iraq took place on 23 January, led by moderator Kido Koenig. A very interesting evening with a nice musical interlude and an active audience looking at the situation and future of Iraq from different perspectives.