21 March FMS Political Café: Turkey and Syria after the earthquake

It is now just over a month since a devastating earthquake hit parts of Turkey and Syria. Immediately after news of the disaster broke, major initiatives were launched. For instance, people collected clothes en masse and in came a nationwide Giro555-action that raised a lot of money. Still many organisations such as the Red Cross busy helping the victims in these areas, as many earthquake victims have nothing left of life before the disaster. It is important that attention to this area does not wane!

Therefore, together with PvdA International, we are organising a Political Café on Tuesday 21 March on Turkey and Syria after the earthquake. What are the further consequences of the earthquake for the affected countries and how is the aid provided going? We will discuss this on 21 March during a political café at the Nutshuis in The Hague with, among others, Member of Parliament Songül Mutluer, Giro555 action chair Michiel Servaes and activist and singer Laura Jansen. Keep an eye on our socials for the announcement of the other speakers.

Will you be there? Then sign up now via the registration form!