Africa Day

The Africa Day, organised by FMS and the European think tank FEPS, has been the event that brings Africa to the Netherlands for over 25 years. Every year, the Africa Day attracts some 1,500 visitors, speakers from the Netherlands and abroad, volunteers and partner organisations. This makes the Africa Day the largest public event on Africa and international cooperation in the Netherlands. 

The African continent is booming! Countries in Africa are booming, attracting global economies, trade and technological developments. The middle class is growing tremendously and people have more to spend. Of course, there are still many challenges on the continent too. Corruption, power-hungry leaders and climate change still regularly play the upper hand. But all in all, the African continent has a lot to offer: 54 countries that are economically and culturally full of spectacular surprises. During the Africa Day, we will show you this side of Africa. We inform you about developments in the various African countries. And offer you a place where you can discuss what is going on on the continent - with speakers from various African countries and workshops organised by numerous diaspora and civil society organisations. 

For all about Africa Day, see the website. For questions about the Africa Day, you can also contact the Africa Day team directly at info(at)

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